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Abraham Lincoln

The walking and talking Abraham Lincoln memorial (typically referred to simply as Abraham Lincoln or Abe) is the titular character of Abe Lincoln Must Die!. Later, he is known as Abraham Lincoln-Pandemik.

Character Detail

After Max decapitates the Puppet President at the White House, Chuckles initiates the next stage of his plan by bringing Lincoln to life (via installing hydraulics in the Lincoln memorial). However, Max opposes his presidential run and challenges his campaign. By tricking Abe into saying unintended things (i.e. "Two wrongs don't make a right" when talking about religion and education) Abe's percentage of voters drop while Max's increase. But the election turns sour for him; when Sam and Max trick Sybil (with The Bug's help) into believing Abraham loves her, they make her come to the White House thinking they're dating; but when Abe breaks her heart while talking about his family values, his voter turnout comes down. He loses the election and begins terrorizing the East Coast. Sam and Max move a homing beacon in Bosco's store to Abe, and fire the missile at him.

But apparently as revealed in Bright Side of the Moon, he had somehow survived now becoming a simple head. He is seen dabbling in Prismatology interested in the Gastrokinesis Talisman; the act of making people throw up with his mind. He ends up calling Sybil (who had somehow became the Queen of Canada) and with the speaking help of Sam & Max he romantically touches her. Like all characters in Sam & Max Season One, he is brainwashed by Max (long story) after the events of the final episode and is de-hypnotized by Max.

He gets back together with Sybil as seen in Ice Station Santa, the first episode of Sam & Max Season Two. Alongside The Bug, Sybil & Sam and Max, he participates in Girl Stinky's quiz at her diner, and will take whatever answer he is given by Sam and Max.

Later, when a Bermuda Triangle starts attacking and chasing Sybil, after Sam and Max stop it, Abe and Sybil enter the triangle and end up on Easter Island. Abe ironically ends up infatuated with the Moai Heads which leads to his breakup with Sybil. He is later seen struggling with his breakup with Sybil (being unsuccessfully cheered on by S&M) in Night of the Raving Dead and does not appear in Chariots of the Dogs.

He, along with Jimmy Two-Teeth, Flint Paper, Mr. Featherly and Bosco holds a brief Bachelor Party at Bosco's Inconvenience in What's new, Beelzebub? (hiring Jurgen's Monster as a stripper for some reason); after being tricked into drinking cider he ends the party and after the episode finally gets married to Sybil.

Abe seems to have all the memories of the historical Abraham Lincoln and apparently believes he is him. He does not seem to be related to Zombie Abraham Lincoln.

In Season 3's The Penal Zone, in the Subway there is a memorial sculpture of him made entirely out of pudding.

By The City that Dares Not Sleep Abe has been restored to his full statue self and makes a minor appearance where he orders the Maimtrons to attack giant Max. He also has a baby with Sybil.


  • It is unknown how Abe got Sybil pregnant since he is just a giant 20-ft tall statute.
  • He didn't get hypnotized in Bright Side Of The Moon because he missed it when he was at the moon's gift shop.
  • Abe Lincoln, like General Skun-ka'pe, Hugh Bliss, the Sign Spinner and Skun-ka'pe's army, are unaffected by Sam's Gun.

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